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Lisa came to the BEiT all hands and spoke about her journey and what it is to truly be a champion. I loved the conversation and it inspired me. The authenticity was amazing to see and motivates me to show up as my true self more than before. [Lisa] collaborates with others to accelerate our business, [she] builds trust across [her] network, and [she] puts the team’s success ahead of her own.Thank you!

-Laray Belgrave

Senior Admininstrative Assistnt

Watching Lisa speak is amazing. She has the ability to connect with her audience in a way that makes them comfortable enough to share their own experiences. She shares her successes and challenges in a way that opens the door for authentic conversation. Her emphasis on taking ownership and being a leader motivates players who want to improve their game, on and off the court. I enjoyed hearing her story. Her approach to the game on and off the court was refreshing and genuine.

Student-Athlete s Parent

Thank you, Lisa, for joining my Application Security Leadership meeting to bring us closer as a team as you led a discussion around what makes use great team members and coaches. It's so important that we take time to orient ourselves around how to make a winning team, and your compelling, authentic, real world experience and examples really resonated. I am very thankful for your time in our meeting! [Lisa] collaborates with others to accelerate our business, [she] builds trust across her network, and [she] puts the team’s success ahead of [her] own.

-Dale Compton

Senior Director, Information Security Engineering

Empowering through sports philosophies - helping you be your best, while knowing you already are.

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2024 Lisa c. Willis